Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Gallery - Back To School

As some of you may know I homeschool. I didn't always, but wish I had. I think my two eldest would have really benefited from the one to one education that I can provide at home, just as my two youngest have and are.

My eldest Daughter has been homeschooled for three years and now she has reached her school leaving year she is due to start an art & design course this Friday. I couldn't be more proud of how hard she has worked to get onto a good college course, plus she is doing all I ever wanted to do myself. 

Back in the eighties when I was at school I lived for my art lessons and I dreamt of attending the London college of fashion. I would spend hour upon hour locked away in my bedroom surrounded by piles of paper, pens, pencil and paints creating my portfolio for my future college application. It was the one time in my life that I actually felt my Dad was taking an interest in me as I had inherited his creative mind. Dad would spend weekends with me encouraging me to explore my creativity and teaching me to draw.

However, Mum didn't share our enthusiasm for the world of art and she refused to let me pursue it as a career. Mum was a bit old fashioned and would say "What kind of job will an art degree get you". Mum later admitted that her decision to end my artist dream was wrong of her but by then it was too late and I rebelled. I gave up at school and become the class clown instead. I was angry that my dreams had been shattered. I don't blame Mum because she was only doing what she thought best and she just assumed best would be the academic route.

So, I am thrilled that one of my kids will be pursuing a career in the arts. My youngest Daughter (age 12) has dreams of becoming a journalist. Miss C is a very keen writer and loves to create her own stories, books and reports so this year we will be concentrating on what it takes to become a good journalist. I will also be encouraging her to start up her own blog, as a platform to improve her writing skills.

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  1. well done to your daughter getting onto the collage course and it sounds like it will be a fun year with your younger daughter!

  2. You must be really proud! Good luck to her, and good luck to your little one as well in becoming a journalist! Don't forget to let us have her blog details too so we can give some encouragement from the sidelines! :)

  3. It's a shame that your dreams were shattered but at the same time lovely that you are enabling your children to follow their own now. Good luck to them :) x

  4. Ooh! Can't wait to read your daughter's blog! I will certainly be a regular follower! I am sure it will be as good a read as yours, especially if she has inherited your eye for a photo as well!

  5. That's fantastic for your children! You must be so proud :) It's a shame you couldn't follow your own dreams but then again, it's never too late to start, especially with your beautiful photos and eye for design in your caravan :)

  6. Thats sooooo good. Congrats to you, and to them xx



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