Monday, 23 May 2016

Top 10 Tips for Parents on Bedwetting

Bedwetting tips from Lloyds Pharmacy pharmacist Alison McCreedy

1.     A general healthy diet and lifestyle can help with bedwetting. Why not ask your child how they are feeling? Are they having problems at school? Perhaps they are anxious about the arrival of a new baby brother or sister?
2.     A calm bedtime routine that’s regular may help. A warm bath or shower followed by reading your child’s favourite bedtime story may help to settle and relax them. Changes in light can lead to the release of vasopressin which can cause bedwetting so turn down all the lights and make your child’s bedroom as dark as possible.
3.    As part of the bedtime routine, encourage your child to go to the toilet before getting into bed and make sure they know how to get to the toilet during the night – is there an easy route from his/her bedroom? Is the door open? Is there a light to show the way?
4.     Waking your child up in the night or carrying them to the toilet is unlikely to help with bedwetting in the long run. Support your child in overcoming bedwetting on their own.
5.     Have spare bedding and pyjamas at hand to ensure sleep is minimally disrupted. Use waterproof covers on your child’s mattress and duvet or consider pull-ups as a short term solution.
6.     Why not use a reward system to encourage your child to help themselves become dry? Give them stickers for going to the toilet regularly and encourage praise.
7.       Throughout the day encourage your child to drink at least six glasses of water or water based drinks to encourage going to the toilet regularly.
8.     We recommend avoiding fizzy or caffeinated drinks, especially during the evening as these drinks increase the need to urinate.
9.    Keep calm and positive, bedwetting is not your child’s fault – as frustrating and stressful as it may be.
10.   It’s never too early to ask for help. Bedwetting can be prevented easily and quickly with a range of medicines and alarms.
Remember, while it’s important never to blame your child, it’s also perfectly normal to feel frustrated. Pop in and speak to your local Lloyds Pharmacy pharmacist if you need support, or are finding it difficult.

The Lloyds Pharmacy pharmacists can offer advice and can also provide you with free Norman stickers – these are perfect as small rewards for your child when they have a dry night.

Go to for further information.

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Friday, 20 May 2016

Summer Holiday Wardrobe For Girls

Summer Holiday Wardrobe For Girls

Warmer weather is now upon us, yay! Meaning, it is that time of year when many of us are looking to freshen up the kids wardrobes for summer and planned holidays. I've been browsing online for my Granddaughter and have put together a wish list, a summer holiday wardrobe for girls from items picked from House of Fraser, who have a great selection of kids clothing at very reasonable prices.

I've put together everything needed (apart from PJ's and underwear) for a seven night break away in the sun. All the items above can be mixed and matched and will all fit into a carry on flight bag (we never pay extra for hold luggage).

Prices are as follows: Total £120.15

  • Monsoon Girls Ziani Towelling Coverup - £22
  • Monsoon Girls Lyla Swimsuit - £16
    • Mango Girls Color denim shorts - £9.99
      • Mango Girls Contrast-bodice dress - £9.99
        • Benetton Girls Floral Sleeveless Tee - £6.19
          • Mango Girls Essential cotton leggings - £5.99
            • Mango Girls Strap cotton t-shirt - £4.99
              • Mango Girls Essential cotton leggings - £4.99
                • Benetton Girls floral dress Pink - £17
                  • Mango Girls Cartoon cotton sweatshirt Pink  - £9.99
                    • Pumpkin Patch Girls Flower Fun Fedora Brown - £8
                      • Pumpkin Patch Girls Pretty Retro Sunglasses White - £5

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