Friday, 24 July 2015

Summer Festival Essentials - What To Pack

Only a week until Camp Bestival so I have been busy packing my essentials, a few things that make life a bit more comfortable while camping. You know when you attend a weekend festival that you will be roughing it. Sleeping on hard ground and smelly portaloo's can leave you feeling less than glamorous, but there are a few products out there that are perfect for a quick freshen up and that help to make you feel better. 

Firstly I love 'Green Tea and Verbena Energizing Perfumed Spray' from Avon Naturals. It smells like heaven and it isn't too heavy, great to keep in your festival bag for spritzing yourself throughout the day. I love it! It is nice and light, with not a heavy scent. Next up I really like another product from Avon Naturals, the 'Daily Hair Refresher'. It is super for freshening up your hair in between washes and ideal if you can't wash your hair all weekend. 

A good deodorant is of course an essential festival must have, and the one I always buy is Sure Compressed. I find this is the longest lasting anti-perspirant spray and it never lets me down. Sure have recently created the world’s first antiperspirant Motionsense™ technology that is activated directly by movement, making sure that you are kept protected Motionsense™ has unique microcapsules that break with friction to release bursts of freshness all day. Sounds great doesn't it.

So, that lot will keep me smelling fresh while I'm enjoying my weekend at Camp Bestival, which leaves my fashion must haves, which are: a poncho for those chilly evenings (I got my aztec design woolly poncho from Asos in the sale for £6!), a flower garland for my hair (the bigger the better - mine was from Primark for £2), a hat for shade and protection from the sun, comfy shoes (I'm taking a pair of espadrilles, so comfy), wellies and a waterproof jacket or rain-proof poncho (available from Tesco for £1). 

Other essentials I have packed are:

Glow Sticks
Wet Wipes
Hand sanitizer
Loo Rolls
Sun block
Fairy lights & Bunting to decorate the tent

*Michelle over at Purple Pumpkin Blog has put together a great Camp Bestival tip post that you can read here.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Camp Bestival For Teens

This will be our second year as official Camp Bestival bloggers and we can not wait! Last year we took our Granddaughter who was eight and our eleven year old niece and we had an amazing time, this year will be all about the teens. We will be focusing on teenagers being introduced to their first festival, in a family environment where us 'oldies' can keep an eye on them at a distance without cramping their style. We all know that Camp Bestival is fantastic for the whole family, especially the under 12's but lots of people have asked me what it is like for older kids, so this year we will be showing you what this award winning family festival provides for families with teenagers. 

We will be taking three teenagers aged 14 and 16 and so far the acts that they are most looking forward to seeing on the main stage are Ella Henderson, Professor Green and Clean Bandit. They can't wait to check out The Den, an area for 13 - 17 year olds, curated by a small team of young festival producers. Here, the kids will find special guests from the Guardian Literary Institute, the best bits of Rob da Bank’s Music Club, film screenings, open mic sessions and there is even a 'Blogging - How to' hosted by Tilly Young, a 14 yr old Teen Vogue blogger. 

Last year the fantastically talented 'Beans On Toast' hosted a workshop with a group of teenagers who he named 'The Unicorns' and invited them all up on stage with him to perform a song they had written together. This was so good that it was one of the highlights of Camp Bestival  last year for us. 

The teens are also looking forward to the grub. Chunky Chips & Wicked Dips, Pazzo's Pizza, The DeadGood Burrito Co, The Fabulous Fishfinger Co and loads more. Yum!

Are you planning on attending a festival with teens this year? 
We just can't wait to see what Camp Bestival has in store for us this year.

*For more info on Camp Bestival visit


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