Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Top Outdoor Activities In The UK

Do you spend a lot of time outdoors? I much prefer to be doing something outside than stuck indoors. My favorite outdoor activities are walking, camping and gardening, in fact you will often hear me saying to people that I'd rather be gardening than doing housework and my garden is usually tidier than inside my house. I love the fresh air and feel so invigorated after a good gardening session or long walk along the river.

As an avid gardener I wasn't surprised to hear that gardening ranked the top choice for keeping active in the UK, and is way more popular than any sports. New research conducted by First Utility, the largest independent gas and electricity supplier shows almost two-fifths (37.5%) of people have a passion for pottering in their gardens, while other popular ways of enjoying the outdoors are shopping and dog walking. Just 4% said they took part in competitive sports, which does surprise me as I would have expected the number to be much higher than that, and the most popular sporting activity was cycling (12.1%). Running was an activity shared by 7.5% and going to the gym 7.4%.

I was also really surprised to discover that there is just 1% separating men and women in their interest in gardening. To be honest I always assumed that men tend to enjoy it much more than women. How wrong was I. 

Energy supplier First Utility put all their energy into offering the lowest gas and electricity prices for consumers. Customers switching their energy to First Utility save an average of £296 on their gas and electricity prices a year. That is a lot of money and a huge saving. A chunk of Christmas, a purse full of cash towards a holiday, new shoes, handbags or just think how many new plants that could buy for the garden. I'm really impressed with that figure.

Ed Kamm, Chief Customer Officer at First Utility, said: 
We put our energy into lowering prices so that the UK can spend more on enjoying the things they put theirs into.  Whether running the London marathon, or enjoying a box set marathon, we make sure energy prices are one less thing to worry about.” 

About First Utility
First Utility is the UK’s fastest growing and largest independent energy supplier. It supplies gas and electricity to more than 780,000 customers throughout the UK and is committed to helping them reduce their energy bills by offering cheaper tariffs, helping customers use less energy through the use of innovative technology and campaigning for industry change. 

First Utility also donates 1% of its profits each year to the First Utility Foundation, an independent charitable organisation with a goal to improve the lives of vulnerable families and individuals across the UK. 

What Do You Put Your Energy Into? 
Gardening, Sports, Walking? 
Or Do you prefer more indoor activities?

*The research for First Utility was carried out by Opinium between: 04 / 03 / 2015 and 09 / 03 / 2015 surveyed 2,051 UK adults.

*Collaborated Post

Friday, 26 June 2015

Things To Do On A Budget - Free Kids Travel Game Printables

We do love a good train journey here at the Syders, so much so that my dream holiday is to one day travel around the USA by train, which includes some journeys that are 72 hours long. I would say we are experts when it comes to travelling by train with a shed load of kids in tow, we have always embraced public transport for long journeys.

Packing light and keeping the kids entertained are our top priorities and we always welcome budget ideas for things to do on the train. My Granddaughters favorite game is to pretend that she is a ticket lady and we have spent hours passing time with this game. I keep all my old train tickets in my bag and every time we travel out they come to entertain us. 

TransPennine Express have created some fab free travel games that parents can print off at home before they travel to give to their kids once on the train. Games include noughts and crosses, window bingo (my personal favorite), a maze game and a couple more. All you need to do to get your free games is to pop over to TransPennine Express website and download the games. Easy Peasy!

Have you any suggestions for keeping the kids entertained on the train?


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